Thursday, 15 December 2011

Severn Trent Water

Monday 12th December we notice a depression in the ground in my neighbours front garden.  It's in a direct line of the route of the main sewerage drain between our houses running into the main road sewerage system so I decide to ring the above to ask their advice.  I speak to a helpful woman who takes my details and those of my neighbour and a description of the problem.  She gives me a reference number and tells me that the engineers will be around within 3 days. She says to ring back again if it gets noticeably worse.

Thursday 15th December.  We have waited in for 3 days between us with no sign of the engineers.  A call to the above reveals that they know nothing about it?  What about the reference number? 'Oh yes we have that but we have no details about the problem.' 'Nothing', I ask? 'Well only your address.' she replies.  Of course there is no supervisor to speak to as they have all gone for lunch at the same time it seems.  In the end we have a raft of apologies and a promise that they will be in touch.  We shall see.